Why you should always buy SAA approval products?


What is SAA?

SAA is the abbreviation of Standards Association of Australia, and is Australia's standards development body. In 1999, it was changed from an association to a limited company, called Standards Australia International Limited, or SAI for short. SAI is an independent joint-stock company and has no direct relationship with the government. 

All electrical equipment imported, and sold in, Australia must be proven to be electrically safe. All electrical products, regardless of use, must comply with AS/NZS 3820 which is the general electrical safety standard.

Why you should buy SAA approval products?

High-risk scenarios that could be easily avoided by purchasing a product with the proper SAA certificate, and you can sleep easy knowing your electrical appliance is safe.  An uncertified product could come with defective which could increase the chance of fire, power surges, arc faults and other serious consequences.

All of our powerboards, lead extension and adaptors are SAA certificated.